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Perfume composition workshop


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A man’s soul is his scent … He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men
Patrick Süskind,  Perfume, 1985


This workshop is suitable for adults.bottone prenotazione online attività educative su TickeLandia eng

Under the guidance of a teacher from Mavive Parfums, the participants will be ‘initiated’ in the art of perfume, shown the basic notions of the compositions and create their own perfume.



  • History. A brief history of perfume throughout the centuries: a fascinating journey through different cultures and geographical areas withmultimedia.
  • Technique. What perfume actually is, its basic elements and how they interact. 
  • The olfactory families. How “the basics” of all perfumes are classified and an introduction to the concept of the olfactory pyramid using multimedia and “essai”.
  • The raw and synthesis materials. Illustration of the most important raw materials, their use and exploitation from an olfactive approach.
  • Preparation of a personal perfume. Using the raw materials and instruments, this practical exercise teaches you to make your own personalised perfume under the teacher’s guidance. The student may keep the perfume.

Lasts: 2 hours
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish