Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

Mocenigo Palace

Museum Store

At the entrance of the Palazzo Mocenigo, after the restyling of the museum and the opening of new itineraries dedicated to perfume, a Museum Store by Museum Musei is waiting for you with high quality products and merchandising.

At the Museum Store you can purchase museum guides and catalogs of exhibitions held at Palazzo Mocenigo and in the other Civic Museums of Venice, as well as a careful selection of works by Italian and international publishers.

In addition, visitors could find merchandising products of the Civic Museums of Venice and in particular the MUVE Special Edition: precious hand-made handbags and accessories, made ​​in Italy exclusively for the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. An original collection inspired by the Doge’s Palace, the Museo Correr, Palazzo Mocenigo and all the other unique Civic Museums of Venice where the architecture, the lion, the doge, the gondolas, all the symbols of the magic and splendour of Venice take shape on the precious damask.

At Palazzo Mocenigo is possible to purchase “The Merchant of Venice” perfumery line by Mavive, that draws inspiration from the innovative itineraries of the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo dedicated to perfume, opened in 2013. This is a line closely tied to Venice and its history: remarked the role of forefather that the city had in the tradition of perfume and fregrances. So, The Merchant of Venice is divided into different product lines inspired by the Venetian Republic.

The Museum Store and its products complete the unique experience that you live at the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo – Study Centre of the History of Textiles, Costumes and Perfume within the new itineraries dedicated to perfume, to bring with you a souvenir of your visit to the Palazzo Mocenigo and the other Civic Museums of Venice.