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CARNET DE VOYAGE. Illustrated perfume


MUVE Contemporaneo

CARNET DE VOYAGE. Illustrated perfume 

9 May – 13 October 2019
Venezia, Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo

MAVIVE e The Merchant of Venice



A traveller who contemplates the infinite horizon, the invisible that escapes the eye: here is our imaginary Venetian merchant, an indomitable wayfarer ready to encounter danger and destiny in order to acquire the most precious and rare raw materials.

Carnet de voyage is an illustrated olfactory journey that enlightens visitors about the origin of The Merchant of Venice perfumes in a dimension suspended between fantasy and reality.

Drawings by Guido Fuga, a great friend and collaborator of Hugo Pratt, the perfumed tales of Joan Giacomin, and an interactive and multi-sensorial exhibition of spices and mysterious raw materials, take visitors on a journey where noses lead the way, immersed in a time warp in which every stage corresponds to an olfactory dream of discoveries, loves, deceits, challenges, legends and superstitions with an invisible main character – Perfume – sought over the centuries by Venetian merchants who sailed the seas towards the furthest flung destinations.

And now the Venetian perfume tradition contained in The Merchant of Venice fragrances, linked to the fairy tale nature of the lead character’s imaginary journey, offers a present-day interpretation of a thousand-year-old Venetian story whose enchantment and magic can still make us dream.