Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

Mocenigo Palace



Palazzo Mocenigo Museum
From May 12th to June 24th 2012

Maurizio Molin, an internationally-acclaimed designer, was born in Venice in 1969 and developed his style in daily rituals of the city’s traditions. He entered the creative world thanks to a well-known Venetian craftsman. It was here that he took his first steps in learning to combine his innate artistic instinct and care for every single manual and technical phase in the creation of unique, original products.

From this beginning, in a simple yet stimulating setting, he entered the world of design, working for important Italian companies in the fields of fashion and sport. Through a series of experiences, he established himself at an international level, working in Europe, China, Japan, South America and the USA. It was here, in Vermont, that he decided to settle for a few years as the creative director for Burton Snowboard, one of the world’s leading companies. Here, in a highly stimulating location, he also found inspiration for his painting. His almost informal artistic approach, resolved through the use of colour, combined with a strict geometry which in some ways recalled optical art. It was in these years that he participated with some works in contemporary art exhibitions, sharing experiences with young emerging artists like Mikey Welsh.

Nowadays, he works as an artist and designer in his studio in Venice, continuing to express that creativity that is all his, choosing to tackle stimulating situations able to call into play his extraordinary inventive capacity. His works, expressing a happy combination of art and design, appear at Mocenigo in a lively contrast with the world of fashion.


Curator: Maurizio Molin
Coordination: Chiara Squarcina