Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

Mocenigo Palace

LIFE IN RED AND WHITE. Brigitte Bouquin-Sellés

The Exhibition

May 5 > September 30, 2018
Venice, Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo


French artist Brigitte Selles (Angers, 1959) is very skilled in weaving and knotting felt, her chosen material, but she does it in her own way. She would like to collect the whole world in one embrace, liberating it from the atrocities and wars that afflict it today. To achieve this, she tries to overcome the barriers that images create by pushing our thoughts beyond the work to discover another space and another time. Visually, the result of her patient knotting is voluptuous and elegant, but above all it is new. It is an innovative way of communicating without canvas, without brushes and without colours. The knot is its structure, as in the best French tradition of the Aubusson or Savonnerie carpets, which narrate stories knotted and woven  by hand. Similarly, Brigitte Selles presents us  today with works of the same intensity but with a completely different conceptual approach: she in fact minimises the complexity of the work by using the essentiality of white, which gives her tapestries an extraordinary force and restores to them the philosophy of thought intact. Loving her native town, Selles follows its famous tradition:  on exhibit in Angers is the largest textile artefact  of all time: the famous Apocalypse of St. John, a biblical story 140 metres long by 6 metres high, entirely woven by hand in the Middle Ages.

Curated by Chiara Squarcina