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FIBER ART. Anna Moro-Lin donation


Anna Moro-Lin donation

From 2 February to 1 October 2023
Venice, Palazzo Mocenigo Museum

Curated by Chiara Squarcina


Anna Moro-Lin’s art has become part of history through the donation of her works to the Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo – Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. This extremely generous gesture will provide the opportunity to explore an important branch of fiber art, and to follow its development though the characteristic traits of the work of this artist from the Lido, a member of an ancient Venetian family that has always promoted culture and its dissemination.

The creations of Anna Moro-Lin enable us to appreciate the intrinsic value of textiles, which when freed through fibre art become a versatile material for original artistic expression. This fundamental principle motivates Palazzo Mocenigo Museum’s desire to continue as a Study Centre. Moreover, the donated works stimulate comparative interpretations with respect to the other collections of fibre art held by the museum.
Nor should we forget that the main exponents of this field of art originated and developed in the lagoon area and have had a national and international influence. This solo exhibition will provide an in-depth look not only at Lin’s art but also her evolution, which involved overcoming the limitations that restricted the expressiveness associated with this type of art.

Today, these works are a decisive component in understanding the wider context of visual art forms that increasingly feel a more pressing need to intersect and interconnect with reality and assume a bold and promising visionary approach.
With Anna Moro-Lin, tradition is not disregarded but assimilated and transcended in order to translate ideas and psychological insights embedded in contemporary life: uneasiness, loneliness and the search for knowledge of an unidentifiable self, yet one that in some way can interweave with material fibres and reconstruct a credible and truthful identity.