Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

Mocenigo Palace



Clothes as self-portraits. This is what IDENTIKIT aims to show in this group work created by the ARCI VERDEAQUA art group based on a project by the Venetian artist Anna Moro-Lin. Using clothing and by setting up a lively network of communications between the artists, viewers and historical context, the installation shows the complex intertwined significance of being and appearing today, in modern times. 26 identical rectangular shapes ‘dressed’ in paper clothes have been hung up at the Palazzo Mocenigo and express both the strong feeling of identity of the group and the multiplicity of their experiences. Every work, the choice of materials, the techniques used and the highly personal style used show the long, creative and gradually evolving process employed by each of the 26 artists trying to find and express their own identity. The wish for authenticity which supports and animates the whole work frees each item of clothing from its sad destiny of soon being out of fashion and also gives the lovely period costumes housed in the museum a breath of life.

The ARCI VERDEAQUA art group was established in 1995 as a workshop for adults interested in experimenting, processing and conveying their own expressive needs through art. The group has shown its work in important exhibitions and installations. Their works can be seen in several prestigious locations.