Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

Mocenigo Palace


The exhibition

23° International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art

From January 11th to February 14th, 2014
Palazzo Mocenigo, Venice

Palazzo Mocenigo opens the new year with an exhibition of contemporary textile art. The 23° edition of Miniartextil, organized by Arte & Arte Como and curated by prof. Luciano Caramel, is dedicated to “eros”, saw the participation of 430 artists from 43 different nations. The 54 minitextiles chosen by a jury, composed by Luciano Caramel, Maria Cristina Cedrini and Vito Capone, trace the interpretation of the artists on the theme.

In the works it could be noted the dominant use of white and red colors, the use of natural elements, objet trouvé (such as wood and leaves) that are transformed into objects of desire, symbols of love, including the search for a dreamlike dimension and reality. The invitation to the debate on this issue has generated multiple interpretations by artists: love as desire and attraction, like yearning for the conquest and the creation of a common path, as a special attention paid to the couple, as the first social microcosm. Then, in some works Eros is seen as a vital energy: an absolute power of life opposed to Thanatos, the death .

In addition, on the first floor, is displayed the installation “Life 2002” by Keiichi Nagasawa.