Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

Mocenigo Palace

2012 MINIARTEXTIL. Energheia


Palazzo Mocenigo Museum
From June 30th to August 26th 2012

Textile art uses its weave to interpret sensations, emotions and existential microcosms. Through almost subliminal stimuli, the weave and warp meet to describe the creative universe underlying the unstoppable evolution of the artistic syntax of this extraordinary, ancient medium. It is with this notion that the precious collaboration with Miniartextil of Como has been created, enabling us to offer a new approach to Contemporary Art. Here, items from the past in this way become interpretative instruments for the always interesting and aesthetically appealing artistic offerings of Miniartextil. Today, more than ever, the urgent need to take what the past has to offer for a more coherent and careful reading of the present is needed, with an eye on the future. This is how we summarise the shared art-historical intentions between Palazzo Mocenigo and the Associazione Arte&Arte, which set up Miniartextil: a collaboration enabling us to weave new experiences from which to draw an energetic and probing support for the continuous social and intellectual development of art.

It is with great satisfaction and pride that Ca’ Mocenigo provides space for these mini-textiles as contemporary expressions of artists who work with textiles, bringing fantasy, creativity and, sometimes, an ironic view of themselves to their work. Basically, we share the perception that the world of textiles identifies a flexible icon to express the contextual nature of art, and this is what we wish to convey.


Curator: Arte&Arte – Como
Coordination: Chiara Squarcina
Exhibition layout: Mimmo Totaro