Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo


    Untiil November 15

Mocenigo Palace

MINIARTEXTIL. Gea | Exhibition




XXIV International Contemporary Art Textile Exhibition dedicated to Maria Lai


from June 5th to August 30, 2015
Venezia, Palazzo Mocenigo


Extended until November 15th


The small yet incredible creations of Miniartextil return this year to Palazzo Mocenigo in collaboration with the Associazione Arte&Arte of Como, which organises this show – which is unique in Europe – by selecting the finest international artistic production in the field of Textile Art or Fibre Art.

Gea, the Great Mother, is the theme that has inspired the artists from 22 nations. The Earth is analysed from every point of view – from its products to its wealth, from its colours to the various kinds of life it shelters – while recalling the deep ties linking living beings and the planet, thanks also to the succession of seasons: a continuous alternation between birth and death, generation and destruction.

The Museo di San Stae, dedicated to the history of fashion, and completely renewed in layout and museum design, opens its doors once more to the contemporary scene. On show are 54 “mini-textiles” made by revolutionised schema and materials, selected by a commission chaired by Luciano Caramel.

The exhibition also includes an installation by Manabu Hangai, while Patrizia Polese offers her butterflies, I Love You 1 and I Love You 2, and the Japanese artist presents a work entitled A Woods.

Besides Palazzo Mocenigo, this year, MINIARTEXTIL will take place in two other important venetian museums: at the Museo del Vetro di Murano (Murano Glass Museum) and at the Museo del Merletto di Burano (Lace Museum) will be respectively on display A woods, by the Japanese artist Machiko Agano and Storia Universale (1982) by Maria Lai, a tribute to the Italian artist who have been a key figure for the international textile art and a sophisticated interpreter of a feminine artistic world, died in 2013.


Organized by Associazione Arte&Arte (Como)
Curated by Luciano Caramel
Coordination: Chiara Squarcina
Exhibition project: Mimmo Todaro