Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

  • The Alchemy of Color

    Palazzo Mocenigo, White Room
    until September 4th, 2016

Mocenigo Palace

The Alchemy of Color

10 am – 5 pm
Last admission at 4.30 pm

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Palazzo Mocenigo, White Room
December 11st – April 10th, 2016

extended until September 4th, 2016


The renovated spaces on the ground floor of palazzo Mocenigo, restored with the support of Mavive and inaugurated last June, offer a Multimedia Room, a Perfume Laboratory and a white room destined for events and temporary exhibitions.

It was only fitting that the museum of San Stae, already host of the Study Center for Textile History, would promote from the 11th of December 2015 to the 10th of April 2016 a “journey” through the different natural dying techniques of textiles.

The exhibition, entitled – The Alchemy of Colour- while explaining one of our first technological enterprise, reveals how human evolution, both cultural and economical and scientific advancement have always gone hand in hand.

Curated by Stefano Panconesi, Sissi Castellano, Chiara Squarcina and Augusto Panini the display presents primary materials and products of the dyeing process.

Mainly base textiles and hanks, they are the result of a natural process created using a colour palette derived from natural colours- roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and some insects- from witch the original pigments are obtained: yellow, red, blue, orange, green and purple.