Museo di Palazzo Palazzo Mocenigo

Mocenigo Palace

Palazzo Mocenigo Library

Catalogue and collections

The card index catalogue is located in the second reading room of the Mocenigo Library.

This comprises two catalogues:

– one relating to the International Centre for Arts and Costume (the Palazzo Grassi collection, with material published up to the mid 1970s), which is organised according to author, title and subject;

– one covers all the post-1980 acquisitions of the Palazzo Mocenigo Study Centre of the History of Textiles, Costumes and Perfume, which can be consulted either in order of author and title or in order of subject. This makes for easy and rapid identification of the documents desired.

Available online. The online catalogue of acquisitions can be consulted at:
It covers publications acquired since 2000; the earlier acquisitions are still being catalogued.

Historical Archives. The Library contains more than 20,000 publications – books, opuscules, periodicals and fashion plates. These are divided into monographs and opuscules dealing with the main topics relating to this sector (clothing, the history of costume, etc.); present and past periodicals covering fashions, textiles and costume; fashion encyclopaedias catalogues of exhibitions in the clothing and textile sectors; fashion plates (not catalogued).